Oracle Database renamed to Oracle10G


Oracle Corporation renamed the latest version of their database management system from Oracle 10i to Oracle10G to illustrate their commitment to Grid computing and the GGG (Great Global Grid). Oracle's Chairman and CEO, Larry Ellison, will release Oracle10G at the OracleWorld conference in San Francisco on the 9th of September 2003.

Take note of the following confirmed changes:

1) The rule-based optimizer (RBO) will not be supported in Oracle10g
[Metalink Note: 189702.1].

2) The behaviour for temporary LOBs passed in from PL/SQL to Java and C will be desupported in Oracle10g, and it will become mandatory to declare these LOB parameters as IN OUT. It is recommended that such parameters be changed to IN OUT prior to Oracle10g [Oracle9i Generic RDBMS Readme File].

Expected changes (mostly rumours at this stage):

1) Speed - One benchmark shows more than 800,000 TPC-C transactions per minute on a 64-way HP Superdome.

2) Support for much larger databases with data addressing up to 8
exabytes (8 million terabytes).

3) The Windows SQL*Plus GUI will be replaced by the iSQL Web

4) Oracle Names will be replaced by OID's (Oracle Internet Directory) LDAP service.

5) Faster product installations and upgrades. Online upgrade support may allow new versions to be rolled-out without downtime.

6) Imporved XML DB Support.