Oracle DBA interview Questions

So many fresher Oracle DBAs and intermediate Oracle DBAs are searching online Oracle DBA interview Questions but unfortunately they are getting older and theoretical questions about Oracle basics. If you will prepare yourself from those content then you might get trouble to crack technical interview.

You need to prepare yourself about technical interview with consideration of recruiter company’s requirements. In most of cases, interviewer will ask questions about their own requirements. An example, if recruiter company is having data warehousing application and database then they will ask interview questions about data warehousing. If they are having Automatic Storage Management configuration in production databases then they will be asking about ASM related questions. It means there is no guarantee for asking only Oracle basic questions during technical interview.

Some of routine and general questions are like…

  • Rate yourself in Oracle database administration.
  • Rate yourself in Oracle performance tuning.
  • Rate yourself in Oracle backup recovery.
  • Explain your biggest disaster recovery of Oracle database in your career?
  • What are your daily activities as DBA at present?
Using above kinds of interview questions, recruiter can be judge your skill and logic of troubleshooting and way of work. They will ask this kind of question for investigating your routine activities and how you involve in daily operations with your IT teams.

During technical discussion, recruiter asked question “Do you know cooking?” to one of my student. Student shocked because he never expected this query in technical Oracle DBA interview. But recruiter was smart because he wanted to move candidate to outside of country. If candidate didn’t know cooking then he might be get issues and it would impact to his daily work.

You can get more real time scenario based questions answers and explanation from following link..


How would you prepare for the upgrade from 10g to 11g? What technical details would you pin down before the upgrade?