How to import table with custom type


When importing table that contained custom type, you will encounter an oracle error as shown below:
Import of table containing object type(s) fails with IMP-00061 IMP-00063

When you import a table that references a type, but a type of that name
already exists in the database. Import attempts to verify that the pre-existing
type is in fact the type used by the table(rather than a different type that
just happens to have the same name). To do this, import compares the type's
unique identifier(TOID) with the identifier stored in the export file, and
will not import the table rows if the TOID's do not match.

Use the toid function in the import command as shown below:

imp userid/password file=tbl2.dmp log=tbl.Log tables=tbl_site rows=yes indexes=no ignore=y toid_novalidate=(xxapps.T_ADDRESS)

where tbl2.dmp=export dmp file, t_address= custom type object owned by xxapps schema