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I am currently taking a course, Database Design II and Structured Query Language (SQL) because I am pursuing database certification. we uses oracle 9i for lab and assignment. Please give me some advice of what certification i should go for.

here is the course description:
This subject continues the study of database design and SQL begun in DBS201. Students will learn the entire set of SQL statements using Oracle's DBMS. Students will also learn Oracle's SQL *Plus commands. Students will work in teams to prepare and implement the logical and physical database schema for a business application requiring multiple tables including all necessary contraints to protect the integrity of the data.
Credit Status
1 Credit for CPD/CPA/CPAC Diploma Students

Learning Outcomes
Upon successful completion of this subject the student will be able to:

1)Use SQL's Data Definition Language statements of CREATE, ALTER and DROP to create, modify and drop database objects including tables, views, sequences and indexes with all constraints required to maintain data and referential integrity
2)Use SQL's Data Manipulation Language statements of INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE to add, change and delete application data from tables
3)Use SQL's SELECT statement to retrieve data required by an application, including use of single row and group functions, joins, and subqueries(nested select statements)
4)Use SQL's Data Control Language Statements of GRANT and REVOKE to permit and remove access to database objects
5)Use SQL's Transaction Control Language statements of COMMIT to make database changes permanent and ROLLBACK to undo database changes. SAVEPOINT to set mark point for ROLLBACK
6)Use commands from SQLPLUS, Oracle's extension to the SQL language, to customize a session environment
7) Use SQL *Plus commands to efficiently create, edit and run SQL statements and use substitutional variables to format SQL output
Cool Work effectively as a member of a team to analyse data requirements, prepare an Entity Relationship Model, normalize application user views and prepare a logical database schema for a business application requiring multiple tables
9) Prepare a physical database design identifying all constraints required to maintain data integrity for a business application
10) Implement, maintain and retrieve data using an Oracle database for a complex business application

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