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Oracle Forms 6i Documentation [message #87881] Mon, 08 October 2001 11:40 Go to next message
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Can anyone please direct me to a Forms6i Documentation or Documentation?

Can anyone recomend any books on Forms 6i??

Thank you in advance


Re: Oracle Forms 6i Documentation [message #87900 is a reply to message #87881] Mon, 22 October 2001 10:17 Go to previous messageGo to next message
Venus Scott
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Try here

Re: Oracle Forms 6i Documentation [message #88024 is a reply to message #87881] Mon, 14 January 2002 11:22 Go to previous messageGo to next message
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documentation for oracle forms 6i
File Open Dialog on Web (Forms 6i) [message #88134 is a reply to message #87881] Sun, 07 April 2002 17:48 Go to previous messageGo to next message
Shameer Ali
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I have problem while trying to run a Forms 6i application with 'File Open' dialog box on web as it is not getting displayed like client/server mode.
Please give information about Opening a file from client HD in a Web Form environment.
Re: File Open Dialog on Web (Forms 6i) [message #88744 is a reply to message #88134] Mon, 03 March 2003 04:48 Go to previous messageGo to next message
Mustapha El maimouni
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The get_file_name built-in of forms is currently not implemented for Web. You could create a Javabean and use it to implement this functionality for WebForms. Attached below are the source code of JavaBean & the Wrapper Class for the Bean. THIS IS A SAMPLE CODE AND NOT SUPPORTED BY ORACLE! CREATING JAVABEAN ================= The Bean uses the following methods and Classes ----------------------------------------------- PropertyChangeSupport for the file_name property. java.awt.FileDialog class is used to show the File Dialog. firePropertyChange method is called to pass a PropertyChange event to all classes which are registered as listeners to this class. addPropertyChangeListener is used by other classes to register themself as PropertyChangeListener for this class. import java.awt.*; import java.beans.*; public class FDialog extends Canvas { private String file_name ; private PropertyChangeSupport pcs; public FDialog() { file_name = ""; pcs = new PropertyChangeSupport(this); } public void set_file_name() { Frame frame = new Frame("Sample"); java.awt.FileDialog OpenDlg = new FileDialog(frame, "Open ", java.awt.FileDialog.LOAD); OpenDlg.setFile("*.*"); OpenDlg.show(); String old_file_name = file_name; file_name=OpenDlg.getDirectory() + OpenDlg.getFile(); pcs.firePropertyChange("file_name", old_file_name, file_name); } public void addPropertyChangeListener(PropertyChangeListener pcl) { pcs.addPropertyChangeListener(pcl); } public void removePropertyChangeListener(PropertyChangeListener pcl) { pcs.removePropertyChangeListener(pcl); } } CREATING WRAPPER FOR JAVABEAN ============================= The Wrapper class implements the PropertyChangeListener interface. It registers itself as a PropertyChangeListener for the Bean class. The propertyChange method is executed in response to a PropertyChange event. The propertyChange method dispatches a CustomEvent to the Handler. This event is then trapped in forms using a when-custom-item-event trigger. package oracle.forms.demos; import java.awt.*; import java.awt.event.*; import java.beans.*; import oracle.forms.properties.ID; import oracle.forms.handler.IHandler; import oracle.forms.ui.CustomEvent; import oracle.forms.ui.VBean; public class FDialogPJC extends VBean implements PropertyChangeListener{ private Component mComp; private IHandler mHandler; private static final ID SHOWFILEDIALOG = ID.registerProperty("showfiledialog"); private static final ID FILENAME = ID.registerProperty("filevalue"); private static final ID FILECHANGEEVENT = ID.registerProperty("filechangeevent"); public FDialogPJC() { super(); try{ ClassLoader cl = getClass().getClassLoader(); Object obj = Beans.instantiate(cl,"oracle.forms.demos.FDialog"); mComp = (Component)obj; mComp.setVisible(true); mComp.setEnabled(true); ((oracle.forms.demos.FDialog)mComp).addPropertyChangeListener(this); // add the component to this add("Center",mComp); } catch(Exception e){ e.printStackTrace(); } } public void init(IHandler handler) { super.init(handler); mHandler = handler; } public boolean setProperty(ID pid, Object value) { if(pid ==SHOWFILEDIALOG) { ((oracle.forms.demos.FDialog)mComp).set_file_name(); return true; } else return super.setProperty(pid,value); } public void propertyChange(PropertyChangeEvent pce) { String new_file_name=(String)pce.getNewValue(); try { mHandler.setProperty(FILENAME, new_file_name); } catch(Exception e) {} CustomEvent ce = new CustomEvent(mHandler, FILECHANGEEVENT ); dispatchCustomEvent(ce); } } Create a Form with a text_item and bean area. The text_item should be named FILE_NAME and have a length of 255 chars. The Bean_Area should be named FDIALOG_BEAN and have the implementation class set to oracle.forms.demos.FDialogPJC Code to bring up the FileDialog =============================== declare FDialog_Bean Item; begin FDialog_Bean:=find_item('FDIALOG_BEAN'); /* FDIALOG_BEAN is the name of the Bean item */ if NOT id_null(FDialog_Bean) then set_custom_item_property(FDialog_Bean,'showfiledialog', 1); /* This invokes the setProperty method of the Bean Wrapper using SHOWFILEDIALOG as ID. The wrapper in turn calls the set_file_name method of the Bean. */ end if; end; Code to handle the PropertyChangeEvent ( when-custom-item-event trigger ====================================== attached to the Bean ) declare FDialog_Bean Item; BeanValListHdl ParamList; paramType Number; EventName VarChar2(20); file_name varchar2(255); Begin FDialog_Bean := find_item('FDIALOG_BEAN'); BeanValListHdl := get_parameter_list(:system.Custom_Item_Event_Parameters); EventName := :SYSTEM.Custom_Item_Event; if (EventName = 'filechangeevent') then get_parameter_attr(BeanValListHdl,'filevalue',ParamType, file_name); /* file_name variable contains the file_name */ :file_name := file_name; end if; end;
Re: File Open Dialog on Web (Forms 6i) [message #410757 is a reply to message #88744] Tue, 30 June 2009 02:27 Go to previous message
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Dear Mr. moustafa

Nice to read your posting about java bean you added to support (GET_FILE_NAME)

After I published my form over app server 6i I cannot upload client files

The problem I am very weak in Java and cannot craete Java bean and use

I hope if you allow sending me a sample 6i form and needed files to do the job and I will be much thankful for you

my mail ID is : mageed_ahmed@hotmail.com
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