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Imran Ahmad
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Hello Guys.
I have some doubts in my mind which i need to clear.
I design an application. Now its time for deployment, I design application for bank. My whole applications options is working through File Menu. Therefore i have to attach my file menu with each form. The first problem is the file menu is attached only in property pallete and not on runtime. Is it anyway i can attache my menu at runtime.
The second problem is i place all my logic on server and only login form, icons and pictures are on client side. How do i get the full path (from server) of my forms ?.
The last question is Whats the standard way of deployment of application with ORACLE and DEVELOPER b/c the developer cant' create executable file and browser is also not used. (prior to 9i).
I hope some champions or gurus reply me.
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1. i dont know [[im lazy to check it out :)]] it there is a set property for menu property. I just thought of this BAD idea wich might work:
since oracle uses his default menu when you dont fill a menuname at the form property, you could fool the forms by renaming every menuname to the default menuname of oracle with the host command within the forms before you call form :) you should rename the the previouse menumane to his standard name when you not using it then rename the new menu to the default menu. got the point?

2. this can be resolved on 2 ways:
- oracle has a icon registry setting.
put all the icons and pictures in this path of
the server, because everyone is running the
software from thge server the icons and pictures
should also on the server.
- probably the sortcuts to a program on client sides is directed to use oracle runtime at server.
if you install runtime on client machines and use the client path for the runtime, the clientside paths would be used! so the whole thing can stay at client side. If you have many clients, you know then that every client should get a copy of icons and pictures [[is it worth ? dont know.. dont care :)]]
you can not get the client path from the server!

3. what b/c dear?
but.. oracle is very bad with deployment standars.. there is none :)

you could look a professional by creating a winzip self-extractor.
create a self extracting executeable of the directory structure of your application. beware that that directory structure will be used at the client side also. maybe you need to create a registry file wich every client should run it once. You might call this a professional setup :)
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Imran Ahmad
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Thanx for reply but dear it couldn't solve my problem. B/c i have a menu attached with each form and when i named my menu default than it picks the default one. I dont know where to put my menu to accessed automatically.

Would u plz tell me the registry entry for icon. If it is UI60_ICON, than i tried it but it wont' work. Plz tell me how i use that.

I can make a self extracter but the main problem is how i make entry in registry so that i dont know the path of forms installation.

I have one last thing. If anyone has ORACLE PATCH greater than 9. than plz send me if possible.

Re: Challenge for ALL GURUS AND CHAMPIONS [message #83141 is a reply to message #83132] Mon, 11 August 2003 07:52 Go to previous message
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the default menu of oracle is located in the oracle installation directory, dont know the exact path.
i was trying to tell you that you should rename this original default menuname so it can not be used.
then rename the menu1 of your form 1 into default name so oracle thinks that is the default one and will use it. repeat this rename functionality for every form wich uses a different menu...
are you using forms 6i? then the icon registry should be the ui60_icon. enter in the value of this key the path where your icons located.

entry in registry is very simple.
just export the oracle keys for the forms/reports icons and modify the reg files with notepad by entering the correct (new) drive letter and save it.
after installing the extracting file, run the reg files so the registry settings will be added to the registry for the clients.

oracle 9 patch? is out of scope of this subject...

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