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can any one help me to know the diffrence between object group and object library.

with regards
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From Forms help:
An object group is a container for a group of objects. 
You define an object group when you want to package related objects so you can 
copy or subclass them in another module. 
Object groups provide a way to bundle objects into higher-level building blocks that can 
be used in other parts of an application and in subsequent development projects. 
For example, you might build an appointment scheduler in a form and then decide to 
make it available from other forms in your applications. The scheduler would 
probably be built from several types of objects, including a window and canvas, blocks, 
and items that display dates and appointments, and triggers that contain the logic 
for scheduling and other functionality. If you packaged these objects into an object 
group, you could then copy them to any number of other forms in one simple operation. 

You can create object groups in form and menu modules. Once you create an object group, you 
can add and remove objects to it as desired.
In any development environment, you will always have standards to which you want your developers to adhere 
as well as common objects which can be reused throughout the development effort.
The Object Library provides an easy method of reusing objects and enforcing standards across 
the entire development organization.
You can use the Object Library to:

* create, store, maintain, and distribute standard and reusable objects.  

* rapidly create applications by dragging and dropping predefined objects to your form.

There are several advantages to using object libraries to develop applications:

* Object libraries are automatically re-opened when you startup Form Builder, making your 
  reusable objects immediately accessible.

* You can associate multiple object libraries with an application.  For example, 
  you can create an object library specfically for corporate standards, and you can create 
  an object library to satisfy project-specific requirements.

* Object libraries feature SmartClasses-- objects that you define as being the standard.  
  You use SmartClasses to convert objects to standard objects.
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