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I m calling a report frm the form.But b4 calling this report i execute a procedure in the form to insert records in the table wich will be used by the report to display the output.The problem is when i press button to call report it appears as if the system is hanged.And this is due to callin of procedure in the form.So wat i need is to notify the user tht some execution is goin on.So can anybody give me the solution for this like how to show progress bar or some notification.Thnx in advance.
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Daniel R
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Hi,make a progress bar is very simple, just do the next:
1) create a display_item and give it a static length
that you wish.
2) In the procedure or function where you execute the
main proces that you want the users now that are
running, declare 3 variables as follows:
x number := 225; /* Size of the bar */
z number; /* Size of the step */
c number; /* Counter */

c := 0;
The variable "z" recievs the result of a
SELECT COUNT(*) into z from xxx where xxx; as

z := x/c;
x := 0;

3) Initialize the bar:


4) Inside a loop or something put the following line:
The loop could be the main loop or your proces.
x := x + z;

5) Before the loop ends put the following lines:


6) After loop ends write this line:


7) Separate of this in a WHEN-NEW-FORM-INSTANCE
Trigger put the next line:


8) In a WHEN-BUTTON-PRESSED Trigger put this line:


This procedure works i'm actually using in my forms and it works, just need to change a little things related your aplication. I hope this help, by.
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Thanks very much for giving ur valuable time.I really appreciate.Thnx again.
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