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Prob. in populating poplist (Need Urgent Solution) [message #79103] Wed, 24 April 2002 21:32
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Dear experts,

I m facing a problem in populating of poplist in form.
Actually i have two poplists on my form suppose PL1 and PL2. The PL1 is a database item and PL2 is non DB item. PL1 populate by create record group command in when_new_form_instance triggure. it works perfectly and when i run query it also shows a corruspoing value stored in table, along with populated data. but the problem is in second poplist. Actually the query of PL2 is based on PL1 value so when PL1 selected then the pl2 populate ... here i let u know that, somewhere i heared that if u have multiple poplists and one of the poplist query based on another poplist's value that must be non DB item .. i dont know how much i m right. But i tryed both sences .. mean first i creat PL2 as a DB item ... but it cause an errors and didnt populate .. then i make change in PL2 to non DB item .. then it works .. but the main prob. Now i m facing is how to display a corresponding value in this PL2 item when query runs, Along with populated data in PL2 .... I mean if do query the poplist shows the value stored in table and also when u click the poplist it shows all the rest of data populatd by creat_record_group commands select.

Q-1 .. it is right that if u have multiple poplist at a time and all poplist acept one is non db item ?

Q-2 .. if it is true then how to show a corresponding value in non DB poplist at the time of query runs, Along with populated data ?

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