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1) How many types of record groups are there.Name them. And the difference between them?
2) How many types of canvases are there?
3) what is tab canvas?
4) what is the difference between global variable and parameter?
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pratap kumar tripathy
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What is a canvas?

A canvas is a surface--inside a window container--on which you place the interface items and boilerplate objects that end users interact with when they run the form. By default, any canvas you create at runtime is assigned to the window named WINDOW1. To explicitly associate a canvas to a specfic window, set the canvas' Window property accordingly.

Type of Canvases

Form Builder provides four types of canvases, all of which can be displayed in the same window at runtime. A canvas' type defines how Form Builder will display it in the window to which it is assigned. When you create a canvas, you specify its type by setting the Canvas Type property. The four canvas types are:

* Content
* Stacked
* Tab
* Toolbar

Content Canvas

The most common canvas type is the content canvas (the default type). A content canvas is the "base" view that occupies the entire content pane of the window in which it is displayed. You must define at least one content canvas for each window you create.

Stacked Canvas

A stacked canvas is displayed atop—or stacked on—the content canvas assigned to the current window. Stacked canvases obscure some part of the underlying content canvas, and often are shown and hidden programmatically. You can display more than one stacked canvas in a window at the same time.

Tab Canvas

A tab canvas—made up of one or more tab pages—allows you to group and display a large amount of related information on a single dynamic Form Builder canvas object. Like stacked canvases, tab canvases are displayed on top of a content canvas, partly obscuring it. Tab pages (that collectively comprise the tab canvas) each display a subset of the information displayed on the entire tab canvas.

Toolbar Canvas

A toolbar canvas often is used to create toolbars for individual windows. You can create two types of toolbar canvases: horizontal or vertical. Horizontal toolbar canvases are displayed at the top of a window, just under its menu bar, while vertical toolbars are displayed along the far left edge of a window.

Record Groups

There are three types of record groups: query record groups, non-query record groups, and static record groups.

Query record group

A query record group is a record group that has an associated SELECT statement. The columns in a query record group derive their default names, data types, and lengths from the database columns referenced in the SELECT statement. The records in a query record group are the rows retrieved by the query associated with that record group.Query record groups can be created and modified at design time or at runtime.

Non-query record group

A non-query record group is a group that does not have an associated query, but whose structure and values can be modified programmatically at runtime.Non-query record groups can be created and modified only at runtime.

Static record group

A static record group is not associated with a query; instead, you define its structure and row values at design time, and they remain fixed at runtime.Static record groups can be created and modified only at design time.

You do not specify the record group type explicitly. The type is implied by when the record group is created (at design time or at runtime) and by how the group is defined.
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steps to create a tab canvas and how to enable them call the forms ive alreday created please send me these guides.
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