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submit query button on top [message #517752] Wed, 27 July 2011 23:41
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I am working in oracle 10g with developer 2000 as front end (forms and reports 9i) which was developed by software professional. unfortunately i don't have any source code or user manual of the project done by them.

I have a small problem for which i need help / guidance to solve it.

There are around 300 reports in the package and in all the reports the submit query and reset button is placed on the top of the page . It makes me uncomfortable to go to the top of the page after entering all the parameters for the report.

I did check from the source of that page and i found out where the submit query and reset button is and placed it at the bottom as per my requirement. But i don't know where the changed source should be saved. since if i run from the changed htm file the sumit query button is at the bottom, but if i run the report from the front end it is at the top without the changes.

i would be thankful if i could get some suggestion as to where this htm file will be in the package and how to make the changes.

I have pasted the source which i got it from view - source from the IE of this page.

<base href="http://comp:8889/reports/rwservlet/getfile/HW/YX+JwCE3OS6gWneKY1FK3/71200166.htm">

<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=WINDOWS-1252">
<body dir="LTR" bgcolor="#ffffff">
<form method=post action="http://comp:8889/reports/rwservlet?">
<input name="hidden_run_parameters" type=hidden value=" destype=cache&desformat=pdf&paramform=yes&parameter=yes&report=d%3A%5Csource%5Cpension%5CR_INWARD&PRM_TXN_TYPE=IN WARD&PRM_OFF_ID=209&PRM_SECN_ID=EDP%28P%29&PRM_USER_ID=2090889&PRM_MENU_ID=R_INWARD&PRM_MENU_NAME=%22Inward+Regis ter%22&userid=SAIBANG%2FZENITH%40saibang ">
<font color=red></font>
<p><table border=0 cellspacing=0 cellpadding=0>
<td><input type=submit></td>
<td width=15>
<td><input type=reset></td>

<!-- Created by Oracle Reports 09:39 Mon Jul 25 , 2011 -->

thanks in advance

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