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Hi Everyone ,

I have a PRO C module which is giving compilation error . We are having oracle 10g running in AIX5.3 platform.

Here below the compilation result .
xlCcore -q64 -g -v -D_RWCONFIG=8s -D_RWSTD_NO_DEPRECATED_C_HEADERS=0 -D_RWSTD_NO_FORCE_RELATIVE_PATHS=0 -D_RWSTD_USE_USR_INCLUDE_HEADERS=0 -qnotempinc -qeh=v6 -qarch=auto -I/appl/dev/include -I/appl/dev/include/ansi -I/appl/dev -I/home/prod/itamac/iprs/iprs3.5/include -I/opt/oracle/product/10.2.0/precomp/public -I/usr/include -v -O -qsuppress=1500-029 -qidirfirst -qnotempinc -qcpp_stdinc=/appl/dev/include:/appl/dev/include/ansi:/appl/dev/include/leo:/usr/include -c getNameValuePair.C
exec: export(export,XL_CONFIG=/etc/vac.cfg:xlCcore,NULL)
exec: export(export,XL_XLCMP_PATH=/usr/vac:/usr/vacpp,NULL)
exec: export(export,XL_COMPILER=xlc++,NULL)
exec: export(export,XL_ASMOBJFILES=/tmp/xlcAS00Qhid,NULL)
exec: /usr/vacpp/exe/xlCentry(/usr/vacpp/exe/xlCentry,-D_AIX,-D_AIX32,-D_AIX41,-D_AIX43,-D_AIX50,-D_AIX51,-D_AIX52,-D_AIX53,-D_IBMR2,-D_POW ER,-D_RWCONFIG=8s,-D_RWSTD_NO_DEPRECATED_C_HEADERS=0,-D_RWSTD_NO_FORCE_RELATIVE_PATHS=0,-D_RWSTD_USE_USR_INCLUDE_HEADERS=0,-I/appl/de v/include,-I/appl/dev/include/ansi,-I/appl/dev,-I/home/prod/itamac/iprs/iprs3.5/include,-I/opt/oracle/product/10.2.0/precomp/public,- I/usr/include,-qosvar=aix.5.3,-qalias=ansi,-q64,-qlargetype,-g,-qnotempinc,-qeh=v6,-qarch=pwr5x,-O,-qsuppress=1500-029,-qidirfirst,-q notempinc,-qcpp_stdinc=/appl/dev/include:/appl/dev/include/ansi:/appl/dev/include/leo:/usr/include,-qasm_as=/bin/as,-ogetNameValuePai r.o,getNameValuePair.C,/tmp/xlcW000Qhia,/tmp/xlcW109Qhib,/dev/null,getNameValuePair.lst,/dev/null,/tmp/xlcW200Qhic,NULL)

"getNameValuePair.h", line 19.9: 1540-0040 (S) The text "&" is unexpected. "istream" may be undeclared or ambiguous.

"getNameValuePair.C", line 43.9: 1540-0040 (S) The text "&" is unexpected. "istream" may be undeclared or ambiguous.

unlink: /tmp/xlcAS00Qhid
unlink: /tmp/xlcW000Qhia
unlink: /tmp/xlcW109Qhib
unlink: /tmp/xlcW200Qhic
make: 1254-004 The error code from the last command is 1.


Here below getNameValuePair.C header files declaration part

//#pragma VERSIONID "@(#)getNameValuePair.C 1.2"

// System Header Files
#include <strstream.h>
#include <iostream>
// #include <xstring>
// Unit Header Files
#include "getNameValuePair.h"

//istream &
istream &getNameValuePair(string &name, // first token found on input line
string &value, // second token found on input line
istream (&input)) // stream from which to extract line

Here below content of getNameValuePair.h

// Interface to utility function to help parse a file of name-value pairs.
// Lines are broken into tokens separated by white space.
// Lines without tokens are ignored.
// Lines whose initial token begins with "#" are ignored.
// The first token on a line is assigned to name.
// If there is a second token, it is assigned to value.
// Any remaining tokens on the line are discarded.
#include <string>
//#include <iostream.h>
istream &getNameValuePair(string &name, string &value, istream &input = cin);

Can you please anyone help me out for this issue ?

Thanks is advance
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