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I am using a dynamic sql statement, inside a procedure, to return a sequence # into a variable., using the execute immediate block and I can not get this section of code to work.

create or replace procedure( input variables) as

block_to_execute varchar2(300) := 'begin select :1' || '_seq.nextval into '|| ':2' ||' from dual; end;';

--Where :1 is a bind input var that will hold the
--sequence name, which I will have to append an '_seq'
--to complete, and :2 is a bind output var to hold the
--output which is a number.


execute immediate block_to_execute
using in pi_cmnt_tbl_nm, --This is an input var
out lv_seq; --This is an output var

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Satish Shrikhande
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I think there is some syntax err .
execute immediate
'select '||:1||'_seq.nextval from '|| dual into :2;

But you know dual not allowed in this context .
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Todd Barry
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No need for a begin/end block.

The 'into' is not part of the string, but instead a separate clause similar to 'using'.

You cannot use bind variables for object names (sequence name), only values.

create or replace procedure p_get_next_sequence_value
  (p_sequence in varchar2, p_value out number)
  execute immediate 'select ' || p_sequence || '_seq.nextval from dual'
    into p_value;
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