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Converting XML Data to Rows. [message #660340] Wed, 15 February 2017 03:27 Go to previous message
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Hi All,

I need to extract XML data and then insert it into table rows. I'm using EXTRACTVALUE to achieve this but it looks I'm doing some mistake. Please help me to do this.

Sample XML
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<ns0:RespGetList xmlns:ns0="http://abc.org/xyz/scheme/">
   <Head ver="1.0" ts="2016-08-23T19:55:00" orgId="ORGID" msgId="1234" />
   <Txn id="1234" refUrl="" timestamp="2016-08-23T19:55:00" orgTxnId="" refId="" type="FETCHDATA" note="">
      <Resp result="SUCCESS" respCode="000" timestamp="2016-08-23T19:56:18" totReqCnt="3" sucessReqCnt="0" totalTagsInResponse="1737" totalTagsInMsg="0" msgNum="3" totalMsg="18">
         <Exception result="SUCCESS" desc="DESC1" priority="1" lastupdatedTime="2016-04-29T18:53:40" excCode="20" errorCode="0" totalTag="4">
            <Card ourId="123456" />
            <Card ourId="223456" />
            <Card ourId="323456" />
            <Card ourId="423456" />
         <Exception result="SUCCESS" desc="DESC2" priority="2" lastupdatedTime="2016-04-29T18:53:44" excCode="30" errorCode="0" totalTag="3">
            <Card ourId="11111" />
            <Card ourId="22222" />
            <Card ourId="33333" />
         <Exception result="SUCCESS" desc="DESC3" priority="3" lastupdatedTime="2016-04-29T18:53:43" excCode="40" errorCode="0" totalTag="3">
            <Card ourId="44444" />
            <Card ourId="55555" />
            <Card ourId="66666" />

Required Output
desc           ourId     timestamp               myCode
DESC1          123456    2016-08-23T19:56:18     20 
DESC1          223456    2016-08-23T19:56:18     20
DESC1          323456    2016-08-23T19:56:18     20
DESC1          423456    2016-08-23T19:56:18     20
DESC2          11111     2016-04-29T18:53:44     30
DESC2          22222     2016-04-29T18:53:44     30
DESC2          33333     2016-04-29T18:53:44     30
DESC3          44444     2016-04-29T18:53:43     40
DESC3          55555     2016-04-29T18:53:43     40
DESC3          66666     2016-04-29T18:53:43     40

Thanks & Regards
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