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currently we have a primary and 1 physical standby database (PSB) in sync ( max availability mode).

now, I have done the following

1. Added 2nd Physical standby database using online duplicate target database from primary
2. Then, the redo are in sync for both 1st and 2nd PSB w.r.t Primary
3. Next, when I redo log switch , the redo shipping was fine and even applied=YES condition was showing the updated SEQUENCE# as that of Primary
4. But I did not configure the 2nd PSB in dgmgrl.
5. Now, the next step what I did was that , I want to make 2nd PSB as Primary, for that, I made the log_archive_dest_3 as DEFER to top shipping once I confirmed the logs are in sync
6. Later, on 2nd PSB ,Disable all the parameters set in PSB-2 for standby
7. Shutdown Current Pri and 1st PSB
8. i cancelled the recovery and executed the 2nd PSB convert as PRIMARY
9. But during this time, what I noticed here is that from the 2nd PSB ( upcoming primary) alert log is that

Waiting for all non-current ORLs to be archived...
All non-current ORLs have been archived.
Media Recovery Log +TEST_FRA/test_tst/archivelog/2016_08_10/thread_1_seq_5608.376.919550367
Media Recovery Log +TEST_FRA/test_tst/archivelog/2016_08_10/thread_1_seq_5609.375.919550367
Media Recovery Log +TEST_FRA/test_tst/archivelog/2016_08_19/thread_1_seq_6062.813.920276499
Recovery of Online Redo Log: Thread 1 Group 11 Seq 6063 Reading mem 0
  Mem# 0: +TEST_DATA/test/stdby_redo_11.log
Fri Aug 19 08:39:29 2016

My query is, when I execute "ALTER DATABASE ACTIVATE PHYSICAL STANDBY DATABASE;" , why the db is looking for the recovery of the logs file even though it as already applied. Here the 2nd PSB came in to sync on Aug 10 and the activate command got executed on Aug 19. So, it was looking for archive logs from Aug 10 to Aug 19.

If I want to avoid this recovery during the activate physical standby database command, how can I do it. ..

does Failover command from dgmgrl will remove this time for recovery. ??
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